Inspiring Rave outfit ideas

What is Rave Festival?

A rave is a dance party in a warehouse, public or private property, where DJs customarily play electronic dance music.  This style is most proximately associated with dance music scene in the early 90s, with musicians dominating illegal events in DJs music styles. Including house, hardcore, techno, dup-step and alternative dance.  Occasionally co-dancers such as live musicians and fire dancers are kenned to perform raves.  Extremely large subwoofers are customarily enhanced with a huge, powerful sound reinforcement system to produce a deep bass sound for music.  The music often consists of laser light displays, projected color images, visual effects and fog machines.

Raves is the secret dance parties that began in the 1980’s by Frankie Ponce, a well-known DJ in New York City. Usually takes place in the metropolitan cities at late nights. During these humble beginnings, the philosophy of PLUR was introduced and it still exist today. Frankie Ponce coined the term to represent a movement when noticing the underground music. The Rave culture is all about celebrating love for music, dance and to express yourself.

PLUR is very much in tune with all ravers, and it is celebrated by the trade Kandi ceremony. Kandi is a colorful beaded strap, often with little messages or charm but very lovely, representing more than a bracelet.

What to wear to Rave?

There are many factors you progressively will consider when deciding on the right rave outfit, but there is no veracious answer when it comes to EDM wear.  Festival fashion and EDM wear is a medium for self-expression and nothing transpires. Costumes are a creative outlet that allows you to show off your personality through your festival outfits.  Apart from personal style and comfort, there is so much different you progressively will think about when dreaming up rave outfit ideas.

Each rave is unique and has its own style and vibe. Here are some essential things, if your new or an experienced veteran to rave:

  1. Unique Outfits:

Always choosing Rave apparel is unique, stylish and functional.  When you dance for hours, comfort is just as paramount as your appearance.  Let your personal style shine at the festivities because different people denote comfort in different things so whether you are lowering to rock sky-high platforms and sparkly corset or wanting to wear a mesh tee and fishnets. Best outfit color of rave is vibrant colors, pastel colors or trippy prints.  We have a ton of incipient styles that are unique, so you can express yourself with your vibrant outfits.

  1. Perfect Shoes:

Your choice of shoe is just vital as your rest fit when deciding what to wear to a rave.  Make sure you wear closed-toe shoes as you’ll meet a few people when you kill it on the dance floor.  From Platform boots, sneakers and combat boots - anything transpires as long as you are comfortable, and you think can walk and dance for 8 hours or more! 

  1. Kandi:

One of the biggest staples in this rave culture is you can use Kandi to accessorize, expose yourself, connect to other ravers, and spread p. L. U. R! (Peace, Love, Unity, And Reverence - 4 culture-based principles). Join your friends beforehand and do enough glamor for yourself and others.  Trading and collecting Kandi is so much fun and will give you the opportunity to meet friends who will last a lifetime.  Raising your treasures can bring back the rush of memories.

  1. Rave Glasses:

Rave glasses and goggles can be a lot of fun to wear from day to night.  Stage production at raves is epic. So, if you have a sensitive eye you might want to consider wearing a pair of shades for intense laser, strobe lights and shots. If you enhance the visual experience of a rave, there are special types of glasses that make the world optically discern in incipient light.

  1. Glitters, stickers and jewels:

Rave day is the withal one that comes one of the few times on a year, where you get all the people without worrying of what others think. People dress like crazy in the festival ground. Once you dressed up take it to the next level with face jewelry, chunky glitters, and body stickers. With these dazzling details you look astounding from head to toe.

  1. Reflecting Clothing:

Reflective clothing will make your team look unique and they may light up your night. By using the flash on your phone, you can activate the clothing reflections. This reflection can change your look instantly.

Trends on Rave Outfits 2021:

Metallic Reflective Crop Top:

This is the most trending Rave outfit in the Rave festive that includes a skater mini skirt and halter crop top. This rave fit is made of rainbow effect by the liquid leather spandex. This is out standing fabric with cool movement illusion. 

Rave Pentagram Jumpsuit:

This body suit features hallow out pentagram on back and has hoodies with deep U neck. This perfectly matches with fishnet stockings, hot pants and high-waist skirts. The dress is soft and are skin-friendly has no itchy feel for long hours wear and light in weight to wear. This jumpsuit is made of combination of spandex and cotton to give a stretchy and slim fit design. The slim fit design hides your belly and shows your figure.

Fishnet Bodysuit Long Sleeve:

This is flirtatious show stopping piece and beautiful at the same time. A large net wraps your body and gives it a little coverage which will make you stand out. The delightful fabric tightens its neck and sleeves, providing contrast and a ridiculous neck design. You cannot really go wrong when coupled to a tennis skirt or pair of denim shorts. Take it with a simple brallet to make your look less so, or add a little lingerie to the wow factor.

Vibrantly Colored Fishnet Tight:

With your colours and outfits the best part in summer music festivals and concerts is loud and bold. These are the perfect pair of cuddles. Pair your denim shorts and sneakers to have in your outfit a bold block of colour and texture. The colours are vibrant and captivate during the sun, while the designs of the fishnet allow your skin to breathe while dancing throughout the summer night.

We hope you got the clear idea on the Rave and how to get ready on Rave outfit and trending clothes that makes you fabulous on the Rave parties. Spark the party with the trending outfits!




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